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Monday, April 9, 2012

Blog tour host: From Zero to Four Kids in thirty seconds, by Amy L. Peterson

Today I'm hosting a virtual book tour for Amy L. Peterson's book titled: From zero to four kids in thirty seconds.

About the author:

Amy has been published in numerous magazines and does weekly, light-hearted blog postings at amylpeterson.com about nature, pets and life. She became a stepmother to four great kids in 1994, and wrote From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds because so many other stories about stepmoms are as uplifting as three-legged frogs or downright scary. Her casual, entertaining style and real experience come together to tell an amusing story filled with some fairly sound advice. She includes upbeat chapter titles like "Can't We Just Duct Tape Them Together and Send Them Outside?" and offers 70 tips which are both fun and useful. Amy manages a grant program by day and spends her evenings and weekends writing, taking outdoor photos and taking care of over a dozen fuzzy animals. She lives in Michigan with her husband, an obsessed fisherman with enough tackle to sink a small boat. Actually, probably now, a large boat.

About the Book:

Amy is a 30-year-old woman who spent many years polishing an unapproachable outer shell and maintaining a long list of reasons why not to have children. She keeps a canoe on her front porch, a mountain bike in her kitchen and a balance in her checking account.

Mark is an older, divorced man with four kids. He sleeps on an Army cot and eats out of pots and pans given to him by his therapist. He has a Ph.D. in stream ecology, a VW Rabbit with 285,000 miles on it and enough fishing tackle to sink a small boat.

Amy falls for Mark hook, line and hundreds of dollars in sinkers.

This is Amy’s humorous and compelling story of becoming a stepmother. The book has catchy chapter titles like "Can't We Just Duct Tape Them Together and Send Them Outside?" And it contains over 70 tips including "Tip #44 You can't exchange a bad child for a good head of lettuce." This book is a must read for stepmothers and future stepmothers, and a fun romance that might just make you giggle somewhere along the way.


My Review:

An entertaining story of a woman who thought she had her life figured out, and then falls in love with a much older man with four kids...It's an honest story, humerous at times and filled with advice to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.
It's narration could have used a little more work. I felt like it was rushed, or maybe some parts of the story was left out...
Overall I liked the book I recommend it to anyone looking for a light read that will make you laugh out loud and smile. Oh and it's a true story! ^-^

Where to buy Zero to Four Kids in thirty seconds:

Amazon- Paperback ~ Kindle

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