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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Skinwalker's Legacy by Shae Wynters

A Skinwalker’s Legacy
By Shae Wynters

Book Blurb:
Lexia Torrance is a young woman with the gift of second sight. Her ability allows the Phoenix Police Department to solve crimes based on the gift of touch. Her latest case leads her to the body of a local man left with the killers' calling card—an emblem burned on the victim's chest in the shape of a sun. She soon finds herself facing five men looking for the necklace with the same emblem…and they are determined to find her as well...

Galen Cortes knows the immense ability deep inside Lexia as well as her destiny to take the throne as Skinwalker Chieftess to the southwest tribe. As a guard of the tribe, Galen has sworn to protect Lexia and teach her the truth about her powers. Despite what his heart feels, he knows a guard isn’t supposed to get too close to a betrothed Chieftess. But his fiery passion may soon override his rational thought.

With a murderous Lycan tribe on their tail and only a few hours to spare once Lexia learns her birthright, Galen will only have a day to teach her what those before her learned in a lifetime. Before their time is over, passion will erupt between the guard and his ruler, a fateful battle will dawn between two tribes and a new Chieftess will arise within the nocturnal hours…


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Book Excerpt:

Lexia Torrance didn’t know when the soft classical music streaming from her television disappeared into the silence of her mind. Her conscious thought transitioned into the hushed, wistful nature of her dream state. She was like a cinematographer, now standing back and watching herself buried under the covers.

She was somewhere else.

The shadows creeping around the rooms told her it was nighttime. A warm glow of red, yellow and orange flickered from around the corner. She felt herself floating toward that room and as she turned the corner, she saw a tall figure.

The tall man wore a red flannel coat and blue jeans. His long, dark hair fell down his back. He was large, a mixture of both muscle and body fat beneath his bronze skin. He turned around with a gasp and his expression quickly turned to anger. A strong handsome face stared back at her. The prominent bone structure told her of his Navajo ancestry. Perhaps he was from the same local tribe as her grandmother. He wore a colorful beaded necklace that reminded her of the one with the same design that her father had given her.

She couldn’t turn to see who he was looking at, but she felt them. Thick tension, bitter and black as ink filled the air like a dark shadow. Something felt familiar about their presence but she couldn’t quite figure it out. She watched the man before her stand to attention. His face, a shade of golden brown with strong cheekbones and a lined jaw was tense. His dark brown eyes focused ahead with a veil of hardness that was a visible defense.

“Where is it?” the man asked, gritting his teeth.

The man before her shook his head. “You have no right to be here. Leave now and I won’t tell the council what you came for or what you’re doing.”

“You know who you’re speaking to, Micah?”

“A deranged power hungry prince, that’s whom. I won’t help you on your sick quest for power. Not over the tribe or her.”

Laughter filled the air, making her shiver from the ominous edge. “You have some moxie. I see why they gave it to you. But now it’s time to give up the necklace before I really get pissed.”

The man folded his arms and stood tall. “No one but the next Chieftess is to have possession of it. I’ve seen the way you look at it at the ceremonies. Like a power hungry lion waiting to catch its prey. Something is wrong with you and I’ll see that the Chieftess knows about it before she makes a mistake.”

The man named Micah made an attempt to move but was stopped by two other men in dark suits.

“Now, now Micah. You can’t stop what is already in motion. Either you’re a part of it or you’re a victim. I’ve given you one chance for the former. Now here is your second. I want the trinket I came for and since you’re so enamored with being the good warrior, I want the girl as well. Where is she? I know she lives in town.”

“She isn’t ready yet. She needs training.”

“You know the fate of the one who stands between a Skinwalker and his mate?”

“You mean a predator and his prey.”

That eerie laughter pierced the air again. “Whichever you choose. The end result will still be the same.”

Micah’s gaze darted from each man. Lexia wished she could keep up the count of how many were in the room. Even more, she wished she could turn to see the man speaking. Something told her she had to know and remember.

“I suppose you know where she is then?”

The man’s face grew blank before he shook his head. “You won’t find her.”

The scene flashed and two men held Micah down on the ground. His shirt was open, baring his thick chest, while a smoking hand clutching an unseen item branded a mark on his heart. His screams echoed throughout her dreams. She had to wake up. Why couldn’t she wake up?

She moved back to get a look at the man’s torturer. But as he moved into her line of vision, a loud ringing filled her ears.

Lexia’s eyes shot open into the darkness of the bedroom. The wireless phone blared to life on the table next to her bed. She looked outside the window where the night still claimed the city of Phoenix. The clear sky gave a view of a half-moon amidst the tall trees aligning her backyard. It took her a moment to realize that whoever was calling this late wouldn’t give up until she answered.

She pushed herself off the bed with a sigh and yanked the phone off the cradle.

“Yeah? Torrance here,” she said. Her voice was still heavy with sleep, and her mind still hummed with the loud, ear-piercing scream. Heat crept in her face as if she felt the man’s skin burning away before her eyes. It felt so real. But it wasn’t…was it?

“Sorry to wake you, kid,” the familiar voice of her boss, Rudy, echoed over the receiver. “I tried your office first but when you weren’t there, I figured you already crashed for the night. I would’ve let you sleep this one out but we’re going to need your expertise. Dead body here looks like a ritual killing by a cult or gang. I’m running some tests to see if it fits any initiation MO’s and we should have the results by morning. The vic’s place looks like a robbery but there aren’t any prints or signs that anyone was here besides the victim. No forced entry and only one room looks like a hurricane flew through it. Obviously they were looking for something and had an idea where it was.”

Lexia wiped her eyes. “You think they knew each other?”

“It’s possible but only speculation at this point.”

“Sounds like you guys ran tests already.” Lexia tried to focus on what little information she could deduce from Rudy’s description despite her mind replaying pieces of the dream.

“What little we could but it would sure help if you could feel the place out for us. Tell us what they were looking for and when they hit. Things like that. I estimate it happened an hour ago so they couldn’t have gotten too far.”

“All right,” Lexia leaned over to look at the digital clock on her nightstand. The red numbers blurred but she blinked a few times to clear her vision. Twelve forty-five. “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

She waited until Rudy finished giving her the vic’s address before she bid goodbye and hung up. Her mind was still on cloud nine as she tossed the covers off the bed and swung her feet onto the carpet.

The room had somehow grown warmer since she fell asleep as if a fire was burning nearby. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in Allegretto played from the digital music channel on the television. The light from the set illuminated her entire bedroom, cascading everything in a flicker of light against the darkness.

What just happened?

That was the first time she dreamed something so real. Normally when she fell into one of those dream states so quickly, it was when she was getting a feeling at a crime scene.

Lexia pulled her hairband out and shook her silky strands free around her shoulders. As she combed her fingers through her hair, she tried to coax herself back to the present. This was no time to have her head in the clouds over some crazy dream. She needed all her senses working tonight if she was going to be of any help to Rudy and his team.

Clearing her mind, Lexia immediately replaced any traces of the dream with the preparation for her investigation. First, she had to find something comfortable to wear. She had a feeling this was going to be a long night.

Author Interview:

Today I would love to welcome author Shae Wynters to my blog. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself...
Hi there! Thanks so much for having me!
I'm Shae Wynters. I've been writing since I was about in my late teens and I have always loved the beauty of storytelling. I blame my folks for getting me into ready early which eventually led to the writing bug. It wasn't until recently (say, a few years or so ago) where I fell whole hog into my love of romance. Being a speculative fiction fan, I always loved the fantastical but with the emergence of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, I was in a whole new world! I also had a whole ton of new favorite authors to add to my reading list (which is never a bad thing)!

Who or what inspired you to become a writer? I'd say my parents because they gave me a love for the written word and for telling stories. I school, my favorite class was English and I remember one teacher who recognized my love and skills for writing who then suggested I talk to the creative writing teacher. He was the best mentor! He taught me the basics of storytelling, how to write in a compelling way and how to nip those pesky resolutions in the bud.

How long did it take you to write A Skinwalker's Legacy? It took a few months to write A Skinwalker's Legacy. It was a challenge to myself to end it in a month or two and I kept track of my progress each day. I'd sit myself down and write as long as I could to each end scene. Naturally the first draft is a bit different from this finished, published version (for instance, Lexia's last name changed and a few scenes were added) but it felt so good to finish the book in record time so I can sit it aside and then start the clean up edits afterward. It was probably the best writing discipline exercise I challenged for myself!

While writing how many times do you go back and rewrite a plot? I usually don't mess with the plot once it's in my head. The scenes may change and the direction of the story may change but the main plot usually stays the same while the process of writing it explores the different nooks and crannies that define the overall story. I love writing organically like this because I'm discovering the story and characters much like a reader would. The bonus is when things happen that completely take me by surprise or when my characters take actions that I never saw coming.

You run into a bookstore, where do you go first?
Probably the bargain section lol. I love a good deal. As for category sections, I would probably start at sci-fi and fantasy and then work my way to romance and then to mystery/thrillers. After that probably magazines to see what the latest topics are being featured.

How many books in a month do you tend to read? Oh gosh, not as much as I would like! I used to knock out about 10 but life gets in the way and I have to start juggling the writing, the reading and other things in life. Nowadays I'm reading up to about 3-5 but once I get settled and as soon as I get on vacation, I'm hoping to get more books read. Goodness knows I need to because my reading pile is becoming a mountain!

In all the books you've read. Who is your most favorite character and why? Probably Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series. Like many women I fell in love with the hero, especially how noble he was mixed with his passion and dedication to his lady. You couldn't ask for a better hero!

State 5 random facts about yourself.
~I'm a pumpkin addict.

~I'm meticulously organized with my computer files.

~I'm a classic tv addict.

~My favorite Golden Girl is Dorothy.

~I'm what some would call a 'conspiracy theorist' only I call it a conspiracy realist. ;-)

Your favorite Genre? The speculative genre.

What are you currently reading? Soldier's Rescue Mission by Cindy Dees

What is the best book you've read? Oh, that's so tough because I've read so many awesome ones!

Any new projects coming up? I have a few: a contemporary romance with this pen name, two continuing series on my main pen and some novellas including a historical romance and short sci-fi romance. I have a full plate by time has definitely been testing me lately!

Here’s your chance to market your book. Describe it. And why readers should pick it up?

A prophecy within the Skinwalker tribe deems that only royals within the tribe families must unite to continue ruling the community. Lexia Torrance is a police assistant with the gift of second sight. She is the next in line to rule the Southwest tribe and to marry a dangerous, betrothed prince. When Galen Cortes--the half-Fae/half-Skinwalker guard sent to watch her--begins their training, passion threatens to consume them and the fate of the Skinwalker community’s future hangs in the balance.

This story features: a kickin', strong heroine who is also vulnerable enough to let her defenses down; a powerful, sexy and masculine hero who isn't afraid to let a little thing like station get in the way of what he wants; an evil dark prince thirsty for power and hungry to take our heroine and test her strength. Also lost of heated passion, suspense and a modern love story that will hopefully satisfy many readers' cravings!


*recommended for ages 18 +up for adult content
This book was a great read. It's filled with action, suspence, heat and it will have you flipping pages wanting more! The story follows Lexia, a devoted police officer and a skinwalker chieftess (although she doesn't know it yet.) This book is packed with action from the very begining! A murder, mystery, kidnapping...
Then comes Galen Cozel, a guard sent to protect the Skinwalker Chieftess. He tells Lexia about her family's history and how she is to marry the Lycan, Damien, in order to secure the survival of their people. Only problem is Damien is the one leading the murderous Lycan tribe trying to find and kill her!
Having to put his feelings toward Lexia aside, Galen, must remind himself that a guards job is to protect and ensure the safety of the Skinwalker Chieftess and not to get in the way of the oral prophecy passed down through the years...But that can be easier said than done...
First he has to expose the true nature of Damien to the tribe and protect the woman he loves...

As always, I don't like to give away too much of the story, but I can say, that this is a great quick story to get wrapped up in. Filled with Skinwalkers, Shifters, Lycans, Faeries...action and romance. Author Shae Wynters did an awesome job creating a world of paranormal that will remain in your mind long after reading the book. I highly recommend this book.


About the Author:

Shae Wynters is the pen name of an award winning, best selling author who has been writing for more than twenty years and has been professionally published for eleven years. A bonafide vampire, fantasy, sensual romance and speculative fiction lover, Shae sometimes meshes all these elements together for a rip roaring story to entertain her spectrum of readers.


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